Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long weekend and the 1st farmers market of the year!!

Phase one is complete!!
After 5 days of refinishing floors and re-painting walls the new space is ready for the real makeover. I cannot thank our friends enough for ALL the help, it truly is amazing that we got all this done in less then a week.

Micro, Lu Lu and I all went to the farmers market today and bought a Delicious mix of fruits and veggies. The strawberries are already gone, as are half the nectarines.
It has been so nice having Oma Bonnie with us. She has been hanging with Orland while Brian and I worked on the new space. Basically she has been spending her whole day walking around Truckee with the little man until he got thirsty, then they would rush back to Mama and nurse then back out to see the leaves blowing in the wind. Such amazing bonding time.

Orlands favorite sleeping spot right on Papas chest.

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