Friday, September 24, 2010

at war with myself

So as you know I set out to have Mommy Mondays, basically a day where all I do are domestic chores and coo with the micro man. Things were going great, I went to a mommy and me yoga class and got a bite to eat at the health food store. Then came Tuesday, a day I start with a meeting and work till the sun sets. Well I thought it a good idea to run to the farmers market really quick between tasks. Oh, and why not buy a case of pears and a huge slab of meat, I have time to prepare them I thought... Well when I got home I realized that the "Stay at home Mom" in me was battling the "Working Woman." She had conned us both into buying domestic chore items. Well I thought, "I can get this done between things." In between changing diapers and sewing clothing I should have time right? Not right. So here I sit, Friday morning searing a HUGE slab of brisket (I love making beef enchiladas) canning pear butter and listening to the sweet monotonous sound of the pressure cooker with less then an hour till I have to be at the shop. And I still haven't brushed my hair or prepared for a day in public yet. Oh and do I have any clean diapers? I remember washing them two days ago... shoot.
I wish you could see my kitchen. Scratch that, I am glad you cannot see my kitchen.

here is a little shot of what it should look like. Complete with the little person seat and fresh baked croissants. oh how I wish.

Oh no... breakfast.

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