Sunday, November 21, 2010

hot off the sewing machine...


I just finished three of these coats. They are 95% cotton 5% poly and SUPER warm.

I am having a few problems uploading photos for my blog. sorry this is so huge. I will figure it out soon I promise. I will have three of the coats (all a little different) in the SHop tomorrow.


  1. Are you taking custom orders? I love this coat!!! The collar stitching is gorgeous and I loge the big swoopy pockets. Keep it up-- you're amazing!

  2. Spectacular, someday soon I will feel good wearing white! I would love one! Your creativity is so beautiful, do you think Motherhood has unleashed it in a new way? xo M

  3. Sexy hot pic too! Love the red accent and the white snow! I want to be there!