Saturday, December 11, 2010

new buttons!

new buttons

coffee and shoes


micro sweater

on highchair

Another full day! I finished some little shoes just in time to put my NEW BUTTONS on them and get them into the shop for the weekend. I love vintage buttons however my stock was running low and I was having a hard time parting with some of the real gems. I designed these new buttons and had a fabulous guy in Portland Oregon make them for me.

We had a wonderful morning with our friends at our new favorite coffee shop where I ordered up a specially beautiful drink in order to take photos for my site.

Next we went and acted like tourists at Northstar, drooled over fancy, beautiful shoes, and ate a delish lunch.

Then... I got down to business sewing. I made 21 pairs of hand warmers (not pictured) and a sweet little-person sweater. All will be in the shop tomorrow!

...And of course a post on the blog wouldn't be complete without a super sweet pic of my micro man. He is such a big boy these days, sitting in highchairs!

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