Monday, December 6, 2010

potty time

potty time

We have been doing EC training with O since he was three weeks old and it wasn't until recently that we started seeing a serious reward. Sure it was nice to save the washing of a few diapers a day, but were we really getting through...? This week marked a break through in our little routine. Celebrating the small things is what it is all about. I will save you the details, lets just say I think he is actually getting the point of the potty. Yippie!!!!

**disclaimer: I think at some point I promised "people" I wouldn't start talking about my child's "elimination" both in conversation and in blogging... sorry Tosh!

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  1. No comments! OMG-- thank goodness for a chance to talk about an amazing infant's eliminations-- cause we sure don't want to talk about our own infant's, let alone our own-- or do we...
    Love to all with humor