Friday, December 3, 2010





new shoe case

new chair

So I went to the GREAT state of Nevada yesterday, Reno to be exact! And I thrifted to my hearts content! I got so many scores its hard to know where to start describing them. But I believe the above photos will give you a little sample.

2. 20 merino and cashmere sweaters for making shoes! 3. Super Fun patterned wool fabrics andmetallic leather for some seriously 80's inspired shoes. 4. An amazing traveling shoe saleswoman case, can you believe it? 5. A new chair for the micro human

Not pictured are: A pair of snow boots for me, and pair of snow boots for micro, some new overalls for the small man and a new sweater for me, vintage buttons, and a renewed inspired look on life :) I love thrift stores, they might just be my church.


  1. super score!!! love the case and the chair. looks like a doll chair in the pic tho. i thought you said he doubled his birth weight, not halved ;P

  2. oooh yes!!! those prints are so MONDO from 8th season Project Runway!