Thursday, December 23, 2010


new toy

new drums


OK I am sorry but I have to say, I love Reno! Thrifts stores that is. There was some wild weather this week that kept me sort of house and store bound. Well the weather and the need for things in my shop. So when Brian got home at 6:30 the other night we quickly got ready and went to Reno. Arriving 7:22 at Goodwill we were serious and determined.

I jumped out of the car before it was off. Brian got the micro man out of the car and we had a plan. I went straight to the women's sweaters, Brian to the men's. In roughly 15 minutes we were both laden down with wool and cashmere sweaters. 42 to be exact. With just a few minutes to spare we went looking for others things we "needed."

10 minutes later we found:
1. An Amazing wagon full of wooden blocks (are you kidding me this is exactly what I have been wanting/ making for the last few months.)
2. A great little drum for Micro
3. and various other un-photographed baby camouflage outfits, one of which says "buck hunter in training." No big deal, Noah we know you are jealous.

In just 38 minutes we managed to SCORE big time... again!

Yeah Reno! ( I never thought I would say that)

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