Thursday, March 17, 2011

my sweet pooch

fast friends

My sister said to me before I had Orland that she just knew I would be a good mother because of how I LOVE my dog. My friend Hilary echoed this a few weeks later. This is honestly something that has stuck in my mind for the past ten months. However I think this is because in taking care of a micro human I have been a little less attentive to my pooch. Thats not to say that she doesn't still sleep under the covers, come in the car on even the shortest of rides, and get the tastiest of dog food. Its just that I don't have the same amount of time I used to to dote on her.

This past week and a half has been very hard for me. Lulu has been pretty sick and although I am remaining very hopeful, the vet says he thinks its not a good prognoses. SO... Today we are taking her in to get fluids again, and tomorrow they will re-draw blood and test it... again. Please keep you fingers, paws, and claws crossed that this is just a bad case of Pancreatitis and NOT something worse.


  1. Paws crossed Lu-E. Poppy & I adore you, and we just know that you will be all better soon.

  2. aww we loooved our two mini dachshunds! yours is sooo sweet!