Thursday, March 10, 2011

a new look

sneaky smile eating

sexing look back eating

happy eating


eating and smiling and standing

eating and standing

Let me start with saying I don't usually post this many photos all in a row of the same shoot, however, this was needed to illustrate something.

In the past two weeks there have been huge, even monumental changes in Orlands life. Life is no longer at his fingertips, but in his hands. Things that he saw but could not reach are suddenly at his disposal. Crawling has been an amazing break through for him. You can see in his eyes a feeling of success when he crawls over to an object and is able to grab it on his own. Better yet is his new found ability to pull himself up on things and "walk" around tables and ledges chasing after the illusive "parent item (ie: cell phone, keys etc)."

When in life do we as adults get to experience such success? How must that feel to accomplish the before thought impossible. Sure we can learn new sports, languages, build things etc. I have a good feeling all of these accomplishments pale in comparison to the ability to finally have control of your body enough to be able to get where and what you want. I now really understand why you have to let your child explore and learn this by themselves. It is so clearly seen in his little eyes.

There is a whole new look about him.


  1. Beautiful post Heather. Well said! I agree, it's amazing to see our little guy growing, exploring, discovering, and accomplishing. IT's so great!