Tuesday, May 31, 2011



I love road trips! I love getting the car packed and setting off for a destination. I also love looking at things. I am by nature a very observant person. Brian often makes fun of me as I rapid fire questions off to him as we wiz by things I have never seen before.

This building was one of those things. I first spotted it a few years ago when we stored our Trailer (yes we lived in a trailer for a few summers, but thats another story) in Verdi Nevada. We drove by at a quick clip and I caught a glimpse of it. A few weeks ago as we were heading back from Reno I took the Verdi exit and went looking for the building that had peaked my curiosity. We found it, and it was so much better then I remembered it to be. What an amazing piece of history this place must be! "What was it?, who owns it, and what does it look like inside? Have they re-done the inside since it was built?" So again I rapid fired questions to my beloved. This picture shows only a tid bit of the grandeur of this building. I think I will HAVE TO do another photo shoot!

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  1. hmmm...is it for sale? should you buy it? what could you do with a place like this? what could BHess do with a place like this? how much land around it? hehe...some more questions for you~