Wednesday, September 7, 2011





Our micro man is rapidly turning into a little boy. With everyday he discovers a new word, a new sound, a new dance, a new silly smile, the list goes on... We have been having a fun summer filled with friends, work and play. Currently I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the pile of things to sew, set and tag in my studio, but there could be much worse things to complain about!
now back to work...


  1. Oh, my GOD!!! He's A D O R A B L E !!!!

  2. What a PRECIOUS cherub! These pics made me smile so big! Love it!

  3. gorgeous human child! you're doin' amazing work heather! i wish we could have gone up to truckee by now! our summer's been kinda ridiculous...too much faraway travel and none of the local travel i really wanted to do.