Friday, December 31, 2010

Asterix Helmet


helmet close

raven with helmet

Most of my family were up for xmas this week and we had a blast. My Nephews current reading, and playing obsession was the inspiration for his christmas present. An Asterix helmet, from Asterix and Obelix. I got a kids snowboarding helmet at the thrift store, spray painted it silver and drilled the wing holes. I then fashioned wings out of milk jugs, old wooden salad tongs (for reinforcement), cardboard, spandex and ultra-suede. I bought 4 large washers at the hardware store and two 1" screws. And Voila! helmet!!!


  1. wait, WHO bought washers and screws at the hardware store?? ;P the helmet looks awesome!

  2. So amazing! He is having a blast showing it off and augmenting the costume. Thanks sis <3 you

  3. Ok, I didn't buy the screws and washers. I sent my brother... Thanks Yarrow!